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Gene Identity visibility and accessibility is paramount for us. Gene Identity will count with an efficient and brand-new website and app where our consumers would be able to check anywhere and at anytime their summary reports.

Gene Identity is working in a comprehensible summary report of genetics, biotech, and psychology for ordinary people, schools, universities and government agencies. Our consumers will receive a saliva DNA kit and also access to our new web/app platform to complete our "80 personality traits questionnaire". The questionnaire is connected to your gene variations.

Your summary report may help you to decide a suitable family, peers/co-workers, and educational environments, as well as the job position to develop a career and earn higher salary. Furthermore, your report will answer many different questions linked to your genes, environment and psychology.

Gene Identity will extract DNA using your saliva; Genotype 20 gene variations connected to your personality trait questionnaire; Present a summary with recommendations based on your genome and questionnaire analysis.

Gene Identity would recommend you the best peer's environment to thrive efficiently; Best suitable education environment to achieve goals effectively and faster; and best job position to develop a career with less obstacle to earn a higher salary. Our consumers would be able to understand their childhood and present-day based on their genes, environment and psychology. Services available for children.